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Julia Buggy

Julia Buggy

Julia Buggy is a Registered Yoga Instructor, RYT 200hr who loves to share yoga with anyone who wants to learn, share, feel better and shine from within.

Mike Yeager

Michael Yeager

Michael Yeager has been practicing and teaching Tai Chi for over thirty- five years. He teaches three different styles of Tai Chi--Yang, Sun and Chen, as well as straight sword, broad sword and cane forms.

Mary Campbell

Mary Campbell

My name is Mary Campbell and I have been living on the Olympic Peninsula for almost 13 years now.

I have been practicing Pranic Healing for a little over a year and have been amazed by its benefits. So I love to share with anyone interested in this healing technique.

Cheryl Bell

Cheryl Bell

Cheryl helps her students find their best stability and symmetry both on and off the mat. She also has a strong knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle modalities and weaves them into her teaching to encourage students to integrate acceptance and self-assurance to find their own personal best balanced life.

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libby Scofield

Libby Scofield

Libby’s mission is to help clients learn to live more comfortably in their bodies, learn to listen and observe their movements, create stability and strength by providing mindful coaching and strong support and giving clients durable and sustainable new habits and skills to sustain the body and the mind.

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Kevin Pedrey

Kevin Pedrey

Kevin is a certified personal trainer through the nationally accredited school at the ISSA – International Sports Sciences Association. He specializes in physical movement through exercise, massage and stretching. In early 2016, with over 13 years experience in Tai Chi, Kevin became certified to teach Yang Style Tai Chi through the Gilman Studio in Port Townsend.

Kevin has a strong vision and goal of bridging fitness, movement, and corrective exercise as an alternative pain management / wellness approach.

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Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas

Sarah’s classes are heart based with a gentle reminder to meet oneself in the present moment. Students will be encouraged to follow their intuitive voice and open up to being fully alive on and off the mat.

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Ron Ferree

Join Ron for All Levels Yoga - new to the studio!  His focus is to help guide yogi and yoginis blossom into their natural being, and develop a practice that allows them to center themselves.

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