Exploration & Assessment of Movement

This class is designed to explore pain patterns in movement and will be co-taught with Libby Scofield. We will explore lying, standing, seated, crawling, half kneeling, double kneeling, single leg stances, squats and shoulder ranges of motion and a variety of movement patterns to look for possible pain and or discuss potential injuries in the movement.

This class will be both hands on and lecture, designed to help you understand how to apply the methods to your own practice. The class format is designed to support the work and interest in the neurodevelopmental sequence of human development and strength and conditioning principles. Our focus of discussion is pain and learning the different signs, symptoms and assessments we can perform to see our current limitations. If we begin to adapt the principles and explore the movements, our strength gains and athletic endeavors will become easier.

The class structure is based on fundamental movement principles: alignment and posture of the neck, shoulder, thoracic spine; and core principles relating to breathing and postural limitations. We will be offering further classes with the Hip/Knee and Ankle and Foot along with level 1-3 strength for each of these levels.  The majority of the strength level work is being practiced and introduced to 360 Sports and Performance along with Corrective and Assessment for safety in exercise training.

In addition, we will be offering half day and full day seminars for smaller groups! 

Exploration & Assessment of Movement