Blue Mountain Yoga

Blue Mountain Yoga

As we celebrate 2 years at the Studio, I feel so blessed to provide a space for our community to come together.

Before retiring, while having my palm read, it was foretold that I would find my true passion here on the Peninsula, and that it would be something I would love much more than the professional life I had led, and that has become a reality.

As I continued my yoga practice here in a variety of settings, I developed a vision of a centrally located studio where students of many different practices would gather, a place where all of the Eastern disciplines could be brought together in a space that fosters community, peace and harmony.
The plus sign in Blue Mountain Yoga+ signifies we are more than just yoga; we are a place for all to come.  Currently there are classes in yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, and Pranic Healing.
I welcome inquiries from any certified teachers looking for days and times to teach.  Please contact me for available spots.
The studio is also available for special events or as a meeting place.

Joni Johnson, Owner